SkyWay Everywhere

SkyWay Everywhere

Is there a new solution that could provide to people and things many of the advantages that the Internet brought to data?

A possible answer is SkyWay. The technology underpinning it is consistent with higher speeds and cost efficient construction. It promotes safety and is environmentally sustainable.

And, like many new technologies, SkyWay will be subject to the network effect. The benefits from adding a new destination or node will likely promote the addition of other destinations.

There are also other groups of objects of engineer Yunitsky’s Intellectual property — know-how and patents for inventions, without which it is impossible to efficiently and inexpensively build SkyWay rail-string elevated transport systems (see

These include:

-Researching, designing and planning schools on string technology, developed over the past 25 years, the results of which were published in 18 scientific monographs and more than 200 scientific works by engineer Yunitsky.

-The motor-wheel of small size and weight (an electric motor is integrated into the wheel), but with high power and torque. This allowed to create the most effective wheeled vehicle (unibus) of all known and promising vehicles including carriages on a magnetic cushion. Based on the foregoing intellectual property and know-how, developed by engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy within the period 1977-2013, independent international evaluators assessed the exclusive rights to it.

Exclusive rights to intellectual property of engineer Yunitsky on SkyWay technology is valued at

more than USD 400 billion.

In 2013 the rights were contributed to the authorized capital of GTI company, registered in the British Virgin Islands.