About Us

We are Innovation Consultants who are inspired by innovations in technology which let you prosper and increase the quality of life and gain confidence in future.

We chose to work with unique and breakthrough innovative technologies which can deliver.

We share with your these opportunities in order to advance our civilization and preserve our precious planet Earth.

We provide innovation consulting for individuals and businesses to achieve success in venture investment in the disrupting innovation in transport industry by offering individual advisory.

  • We will give you FREE consultation on co-ownership in the SkyWay.
  • We will share with you business and income opportunities in the SkyWay project.
  • We prepare for you a comprehensive collection of presentation and technical materials.
  • You will be granted your FREE membership in the Mont Sinai Club and get access to special package for members .
  • You will receive your personal invitation to SkyWay and sample contract for review.

We charge NO FEE for our services. Yes, it is a FREE offer.